- 08/05/2021 Milla participated in her first cat show! It was an online show, and not only did she do well, she was nominated and then earned BEST IN SHOW! We are so proud of her!

- Little Milla (SE*Croms Miracle of Life) went to live in a fantastic new home at the S*Rytorps cattery near Gothenburg, Sweden. After fighting so hard for her it was difficult to let her go but we are glad she has a great new home! We wish her the best of luck!

- 3 Weeks old today (18.10.2020)! I'm doing really well. I still like hanging out with my mom, and but I'm starting to play and explore! And I am growing so fast! So many new things! 



- Violet had her first litter by a C-section on Sunday, the 27th of September. All had went well with her pregnancy and nothing seemed abnormal. When she carried past her date it didn't surprise us as her breeder had informed us it was typical in her family. Violet was active and showed no signs of distress.


Early on Sunday morning, we were alarmed by what felt like a sudden decrease in movement of the kittens. We called the vet and he agreed that something might have started going wrong. An ultrasound showed two hearts beating faintly, and one that had stopped. Violet was immediately taken into an emergency C-section.


During the surgery it was found that one of the kittens had died a while ago, estimated one to two weeks prior to Violet’s due date. This had caused her body to stop approaching labor. The situation had caused severe distress to the other kittens, who, all six of them, were declared dead. After a short discussion, the vet returned to the kittens and found that one still had a very faint heartbeat. This little one was revived. Our little miracle came home with us, but received a very poor forecast.


We fought through the first days and nights, fed her from the bottle, wiped her, massaged her, and kept her warm. Slowly we introduced her to Violet, who was recovering from the surgery. One by one, Violet took over mommy duties, becoming totally in charge of kitten care on the fourth day. Shortly after, miracle’s weight fluctuations vanished, and she started growing steadily. If all goes well, the kitten, who we now call Milla, will be named SE*Croms Miracle of Life.

Our kittens are:

·       At least 12, but preferably 13-16 weeks old when they move to their new homes

·       Vaccinated twice

·       De-wormed

·       ID-marked

·       Registered (SVERAK)

You will receive help and support from us when needed and can contact us whenever. Your kitten comes with a small kitten package to make the move to a new home easier. We hope that you will want to see the kitten you are interested in and come to visit us already before taking the kitten home. It’s important for us to know that you get along well.

Our kittens are sold as inside cats that can go outside in a harness or spend time in an enclosed cat yard. Please keep in mind that a kitten will become a family member for the next 10-20 years.

Our kittens get used to children and cats at our home. We often get visitors and they sometimes even bring dogs. When the weather is nice, our kittens may visit our cat yard.

If a kitten moves abroad, a rabies vaccination is required. That and any other costs related to moving abroad are not included in the kittens purchase price.