S*Rytorps Livin' on a Prayer

- Violet

Violet comes from the Rytorps cattery in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has an incredibly sweet temperament and loves to cuddle and massage. Violet is also a great climber and enjoys playing with water. She earned her Champion title in September, 2019.

Halima Storm Front

- Stormy

Stormy comes from the Halima Turkish Van cattery in Michigan in the United States. He is the youngest of our cats and the newest addition to the household. Stormy is playful and fun. He has grown to be the largest of the bunch. His favorite pastime is laying on the windowsill, bird watching. He earned his Champion title in September, 2019.


- Lumi

Our house cat, Lumi is Ragdoll-housecat mix. He is warm and fluffy, and loves to be cuddled. He comes from Haparanda, Sweden.

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