Our family has been brought together by this amazing community far up in the north of Sweden. We are surrounded by a wonderful mix - the beauty of nature and the wonder of the capabilities of humans. Arctic nights, never-ending days, untouched nature and the historic iron mining district that is Malmberget, or "Ore Mountain".


We have used this amazing environment to support our journey to join our love of animals with the environment and the strength of industry. Mountains. Rock. Mining. Iron. Steel. The Riddle of Steel. Our family (animals included), our environment, and our profession is our inspiration.

Our cattery is small-scale, run-at-home hobby, and all of our cats are primarily our beloved pets. Our first van cat, Violet, moved in with us in August 2017. Our breeder name was registered on Valentine’s Day 2019. Our cat yard was built and completed in the summer of 2020. Prior to this, our cats only went outside in harnesses. Our cats are dewormed and vaccinated regularly. All our Turkish vans are registered show cats. Our first litter will be born in September 2020.

We hope you can join us at the northern-most Turkish Van cattery in Sweden.



Anu - Born in Finland, she is the driving force behind this hobby.  Prior to moving to Malmberget, she worked at a Chromium Mine in Finland. She is a senior research engineer for the local iron mine and specializes in mine design and ventilation.


Tristan - Originally from the United States, primarily responsible for the website and litter box sanitization, among other things. He is a research engineer for the local underground iron mine, specializing in rock mechanics.