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Why Turkish Vans?

When one of us mentions to a new friend or a distant relative that we have Turkish Van cats, the first question is always why. At first, it was difficult to answer, but now we know why we love Turkish Vans. Here’s some of our thoughts.


Our cats are active – they play! Kids love their high energy levels. You can even teach a Turkish Van to fetch (at their leisure, of course).


Our cats are clever – you can almost hear them thinking. Violet often tells us exactly what she wants or even orders us around, if we aren’t careful.


Our cats are social – they come to us for petting, cuddling, or scrubbing. They follow us from room to room, especially when one of us has been away for a day or two.


Our cats are interested in water – they play with it or drink directly from a faucet. They even tolerate bathing better than your average cat.


Our cats are healthy – there’s no breed defects to worry about.


Our cats look like cats – they are not so far gone in breeding efforts that they would have lost the likeness to their housecat cousins. Even having said that…


Our cats are quite rare – it’s fun to be different!

If you want to learn more about Turkish Vans, check out the Wikipedia page or The Turkish Van Cat Club!